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Psychosocial Oncology Fellowship Program


The primary goal of the Psychosocial Oncology Fellowship Program is to prepare future clinical psychologists for research, education, and clinical practice in providing transdiciplinary care for patients with chronic or life-limiting illness. The focus of this training program is the development of specialized assessment and intervention skills important to the care of palliative medicine and psycho-oncology patients and families, with additional coursework essential to the development of the fellows’ research program. Specialization in palliative medicine will create a new generation of psychologists with competency in symptom management and end-of-life care.

Fellows receive a diverse array of clinical experiences as part of a busy inpatient palliative medicine consultation service (15-40 daily census) and a large, interdisciplinary outpatient palliative care program (800-1,000 outpatients). Many of these patients and their family members experience depression and anxiety as part of their advanced disease experience. The majority of these families are also experiencing psychosocial distress and anticipatory grief associated with their illness. Fellows will have the opportunity to work with patients with cancer, congestive heart failure, HIV, sickle cell disease, etc. and their family members during one of the most stressful periods of their lives. Fellows will also have the opportunity to complete rotations in pediatric oncology, grief counseling, consultation-liaison, and hospice as well as other elective rotations.

Research training is also an important component of this fellowship. Fellows are provided assistance with developing dissertation-based manuscripts and are actively engaged in the Palliative & Psychosocial Care Research Program. Fellows may also engage in research with oncologists at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital. They are active participants in the Center for Palliative Care Journal Club and research team meetings and are expected to complete at least two manuscripts per year and are provided assistance with the grant application process.

Fellowship Eligibility & Application Process

ELIGIBILITY: (1) A doctoral degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) in clinical psychology, (2) APA-approved clinical internship, (3) interest and experience working in a medical setting.

Position is expected to start July to September every two years (next 2013-2015). Applications will be accepted through April 15 the year prior to the July-September start date or until position is filled.

Inquiries about the position should be directed to:

Sharla Wells-Di Gregorio, PhD
Director, Psycho-Oncology & Palliative Medicine Fellowship
Clinical Psychologist, Psychosocial Oncology
Director, Psychosocial Oncology Fellowship Program
Chair, Ohio Psychological Association Professional Practice Committee
OSU Harding Hospital
1670 Upham Drive

Columbus, Ohio 43210
614 293 8898

To apply, please send (1) a cover letter describing your specific interests, (2) curriculum vitae, (3) an official graduate transcript, (4) a de-identified initial psychosocial assessment and care plan, and (5) three letters of recommendation to:

Joenna Cynkar
Fellowship Coordinator
OSU Harding Hospital
1670 Upham Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43210
614 293 4540
614 293 4200 fax

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Current and Past Fellows 

Eligibility & Application Process

Competency Requirements