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About the Department

STAR Research

The goal is to conduct trauma research that promotes evidence-based knowledge of the need for trauma-informed care and intervention, the feasibility and efficacy of stress reduction, and the identification of new biological mediators of the stress response and its deleterious effects.

Highlights of Research Initiatives Include:

  • Feasibility and efficacy on behavioral and biological markers of an innovative mindfulness-based stress reduction intervention in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (two posters presented at international conferences and three manuscripts in preparation).
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction intervention in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Survey of burnout and compassion fatiuge of OSUMC Staff
  • Pilot study of new markers of stress

Bench to Bedside

The STAR Program seeks to apply clinical research, documentation studies and evidence-based practices proven effective in research to treatment settings without delay. The goal is not only to develop treatments but also to apply them in "real world" settings. The Program will utilize innovative and personalize dapproaches as well as new thecnology to affer access to education and intervention about stress, trauma and reilience to various groups throughout the University and community.